Friday, November 17, 2017


Thank you all for making time to meet with me at conferences, we certainly have so much to celebrate! Your children continue to impress me with their academic growth, kindness, collaboration, perseverance, enthusiasm, the list goes on. Kindergarten is such a huge step and sets the foundation for future educational experiences. Thank you for your partnership in making your child's transition to kindergarten so positive. You should all be so very proud!  


50's day was a hit! Not only did we dress the part, we engaged in fun 50th day activities including:
  • Sock hoppin' to 50's day music (here's one of our favorites of the day: Hand Jive)
  • 50th day reading centers including a "write the room" activity where we had to find hidden passwords in the room written on 50's style shoes
  • 50th day writing where we were challenged to think about 50 of something we would want (can you imagine having 50 icecreams, 50 NFL players or 50 stuffed animals?!)
  • 50th day math centers including coloring 50 shapes, building with 50 popsicle sticks and racing to the number 50 with a friend
P is for Popcorn!

In honor of the letter P we explored popcorn using our 5 senses. We used descriptive language to talk about the popcorn. To no surprise the sense of taste was our favorite! Here are some of our words to describe popcorn:
  • Touch: bumpy, oily, soft
  • See: white, yellow, small
  • Smell: sweet, salty
  • Hear: pop, sizzle
  • Taste:  delicious, yummy, buttery, "I want more" ;)
We continue having fun with letters using a multi-sensory approach! 


Around this time of year we focus on being thankful. As a class we brainstormed lists upon lists of people, animals, experiences and items we give thanks for. We shared our thankfulness by writing on leaves to place in our shared hallway bulletin with Miss Russell and Miss Robinson. We enjoyed reading what others give thanks for and made many connections to friends. 

PJ Day

What else should you do when the letters P and J are studied in the same week?! We enjoyed ending our busy week together in comfort.

We joined Miss Robinson's class on Friday to read Llama Llama Red Pajama and practiced the third way we know how to read a book, which is to retell the story. We are learning to identify the who (characters) and where (setting) of a story to pull important information and help us understand what we read. We are hoping  to start a fun Friday tradition of combining classes for special lessons :)

Team 112, you've got mail! 

To Mrs. Leite's surprise several LARGE boxes arrived in our classroom. Many friends noticed they were from Amazon which meant "they have to be something good". We opened one box today to reveal a tool to help us in the classroom! We now have 4 wobble cushions in the room (see picture below)! Next week will open more boxes to introduce other options for seating! I hope to slowly introduce seating options with a goal of replacing some of our standard classroom chairs. All students will experience the options to support their recognition of what works best for their body.

The decision to provide a variety of options comes after much time, discussion, research and thinking about the needs of our kindergartners. Stay tuned for an update!
Image result for wobble cushions

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Field Trip

Our field trip to the Bow Safety Complex was SO exciting! Students were able to visit with both the Bow Police and Bow Fire Department. Highlights included:
  • Sitting in a police car, firetruck and ambulance 
  • Learning about the protective gear that police officers and firefighters wear
  • Hearing loud sirens 
  • Learning ways to be safe in our community 
  • Going into the big boss's office (Chief Lougee)
  • Seeing where the firefighters sleep
  • Going into a gym where both police officers and firefighters work out 
  • Sitting in a holding cell!

Pumpkin Exploration

This week we continued our study of pumpkins with our much anticipated pumpkin exploration! We first explored the outside of the pumpkin. We observed our pumpkins carefully noticing shape, color and texture. We further explored by measuring the pumpkins height with unifix cubes and counting how many lines on the outside. Last but certainly not least, we explored the inside! We used words like gooey, sticky, slimy, cool and yucky to describe the feeling of the inside. Thank you for all the pumpkin donations. It was such messy fun!

Important Dates

  • Parent teacher conferences are this week, I look forward to meeting with you all! A notice went home last week confirming your date/time. If you are unsure of your time or unable to make it please let me know.
  • We have TWO special days coming up! 50's day will celebrate our 50th day of school in style while PJ day will celebrate learning the letters P and J in a cozy way! Thank you for continuing to make learning fun for your child. Special days like this are always memorable!
  • November 5th: Get Out and Walk Event: 1:30 sign-in at BHS track
  • November 7th: Picture Retake Day (please bring packet with you)
  • November 8th: BOW PTO Meeing: 7:00 PM, BES Library
  • November 9th: Parent/Teacher Conference (Early Release 12:15)
  • November 10th: Parent/Teacher Conference: No School for students
  • November 22nd: Teacher's Workshop: No School for Students
  • November 23rd and 24th: Thanksgiving Holiday: No School for Students
  • November 24th: Turkey Trot: 8:00AM, BHS