Saturday, December 16, 2017

All things Gingerbread!

We continue to have lots of fun with our gingerbread theme. This week we had Mrs. Lindquist (Levi's mom) as well as Mr. and Mrs. Bergen (Aveena's parents) as our guest readers. Thank you for joining us!

 Gingerbread Friends
The Gingerbread Bear

This week we filled the school with the glorious smell of gingerbread! We poured, mixed, kneaded, rolled and cut our very own cookies. To some disappointment they were not for eating but we are excited to fill our homes with this sweet smell as holiday decorations!

We have also been extending our learning about gingerbread stories through art projects. Here we are painting gingerbread boys and girls as well as creating our own houses for the gingerbread baby. 

Next Week

We are approaching the BIG gingerbread celebration! As students bring in items and ask about them I simply state they are for a "project"...since we engage in lots of crafty projects nobody has become suspicious :) Thank you for continuing to keep it a surprise! If you could send in items as early as possible (Monday or Tuesday) that would be great.

On Thursday please plan on arriving between 12:35-12:45 (our plan is to be back in the room at 12:45). Please use your best stealthy skills to get to our classroom!  I will need help setting up the room as we will be off on the "gingerbread hunt". If you are available to help I will leave directions on my teacher table about party set-up (example: someone can put all the tablecloths on, putting gingerbread cookies on each table spot, etc.) If one or two parents want to take charge of this please email me and let me know. This way when students return from the hunt they will have found the real gingerbread man and be ready to celebrate with you all!

Following the celebration we will be cleaning up, packing up and making our way outside for our end of the day recess. If you plan on picking up your child from the celebration please inform the office prior.

Thank you for all your support, here we go!

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Season of Gingerbread

The much awaited season of gingerbread is upon us! We have been enjoying the gingerbread theme across all academic areas. We even have a little gingerbread baby living in our classroom! We are decorating our hallways and classroom to welcome our new friend with what he loves best...candy! Thank you for continuing to keep the upcoming gingerbread celebration a surprise and for those that are able to donate items I appreciate it. 

This week we were excited to have our first guest readers join our classroom to read different versions of the gingerbread man. Thank you Mrs. Price (Ty's mom) and Mr. Kostko (Owen's dad)!

 The Gingerbread Cowboy
The Ninjabread Man

Here we are engaging in a "gingerbread write the room". Little gingerbread boys and girls with passwords were hidden all over our classroom. Those sneaky cookies didn't stand a chance against our detectives! 

Seating Options

Before Thanksgiving break I mentioned we were given the gift of seating options! Here's is a list of our options: 
  • Stools: The stools allow us to wiggle back and forth as we work. 
Image result for wiggle stools
  • Cusions: We have a table on the floor that allows us to sit with our feet in front or criss-cross. We can move our body on the cushions as we work.
Image result for wiggle cushions
  • Crates with cushions: Another way to use those wiggle cushions that we love.
Image result for blue crate
  • Seats: We still have our standard chairs and students continue to enjoy using them! 
Image result for blue student chairs

We are now in the exploratory phase. Each week students rotate to a new table to experience each seating option. In addition to these choices we often use carpet squares and clipboards...students enjoy making a variety of areas in our classroom cozy workspaces. Ask your child about their favorite place to work in the classroom! 

We are 5 star illustrators! 

Have you heard? We are now 5 star illustrators! Students have been working hard to ensure their pictures are personal best by including:
  • The Who: Who is in our story? Is it a story about grandma, dad, cousins or friends?
  • The Where: Where is our story taking place?  Are we at school, home or at the beach?
  • The What: What is happening in our story? Are we playing with a friend or baking cookies?
  • Details: Did we add more and more to our picture?
  • Careful coloring: Are we coloring carefully and using real science colors? 
This rubric helps guide our drawings. We will use this as a reference throughout the year to check our work against. 


In math we are learning about 2D or flat shapes. In kindergarten we study circles, squares, triangles, rectangles and hexagons. We are learning to identify attributes of these shapes and their place in our world. We are expanding our mathematical vocabulary to encompass impressive words like angles, sides and even vertices! See if your child can identify any shapes in your home environment and describe them using "math talk". 

Happy Weekend!