Thursday, March 8, 2018

Welcome back!

I was excited to see so many smiling faces after our February Vacation. I enjoyed hearing stories of special trips, activities, playdates, time with family and as one friend simply stated "time to sleep and relax". However the break went, I hope it was enjoyable!

A New Friend!

This week we welcomed a new student to our classroom. We are happy to have you join us Sapphire!

Leprechaun Traps

This week we joined Miss Robinson's class for a reading of the story How to Catch a Leprechaun. This story follows a sneaky leprechaun who causes all sorts of trouble including untying kids shoelaces and making messes everywhere! After the reading, students were challenged to see if they could make a trap to catch a leprechaun! Instantly the room was a buzz with excitement and ideas. Students formed groups of 3-4 and began drafting the "blueprint" of their design. They were pretty excited to be just like grown-up engineers through engaging in this design process. Next stop....building and making these ideas come to life!

Kindergarten Grade Level Meeting

This Wednesday we tried something new. We held a morning meeting with the entire Kindergarten class! We met in the cafeteria and engaged in a group greeting, share and message. This was such a wonderful opportunity to come together as a team and collaborate. All the Kindergarten teachers were SO impressed with students active participation, respectful listening and positive energy. We hope to do more of this in the future! 

Building Independence

In the classroom we are working hard to build independence with routine tasks such as packing our bags and getting on our winter gear. Students have made such great progress in this area! They really enjoy our "snow gear countdown" in our goal to increase our efficiency (more play time outside is GREAT motivation).  In the classroom, we have a "you try first" policy with dressing for outside. If students need help after trying we are of course happy to support. 

In regards to gear, lately lots of items have been left on the floor or in the classroom. Some students are having difficulty identifying items which can result in items being sent to the Lost and Found. Any support with building independence in this area and labeling items would be wonderful!


In math we are beginning to explore the concept of addition. Prior to introducing the plus symbol we take time to understand the meaning behind it. Students have been engaging in hands-on activities that encourage them to put amounts "together" to tell how many "in all". Vocabulary is SO important in math. This week students especially enjoyed creating math stories with their friends. 

How To

In writing we are beginning a brand new unit! We are learning how to write "How-To" stories. We are learning that how-to stories teach readers how to do something in steps. We began by brainstorming all the things we know how to do and WOW do we have a lot to teach! Here are just some of the things we know how to do:

-Be kind
-Play football
-Bake and cook
-Walk a dog and walk a cat (impressive!)
-Play lacrosse
-Play soccer
-Ride a snowmobile
-Be calm
-Tie shoes

Classroom Donations

We are looking for the following donations for our classroom:

-clorox cleaning wipes 
-plastic utensils 
-paper plates (regular size)

No pressure, but if you are able to donate that is AWESOME!

Important Dates

March 13th - No School (Teacher Workshops)
March 15th - Parent Safety Education & Bullying Prevention Night
March 16th - School District Meeting
March 23rd - PTO BINGO
March 29th - Senior Citizen Luncheon for Bow residents
March 29th - Kindergarten Concert, BHS
April 4th - Family Math/Literacy Event, BES Cafeteria
April 12th - Kindergarten Parent Information Night 6:00 in the BES Cafeteria
April 23rd - 27th - Spring Break
May 28th - Memorial Day - No School
May 31st & June 1st - Kindergarten Screening - No School for Kindergarten students only