Sunday, September 10, 2017

Morning Meeting

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of our days together is our morning meeting. Our morning meeting has three special components:
  • Greeting: saying good morning to one another in various ways 
  • Share: we answer questions to learn more about one another, like how old are you or what is your favorite color
  • Activity: a fun team building exercise where we must work as a group to accomplish 

Math Tools

This week we explored colored tiles and unifix cubes. We continued work with pattern blocks as well. During exploration, students learned of the many uses of these tools. We learned we could make patterns, create pictures and even measure!

Mr. B

This week we had the pleasure of Mr. Bonnema or "Mr. B" our school guidance counselor, come in to teach a lesson. Over the next several weeks our class will focus on the concepts of the Zones of Regulation, a curriculum for teaching children about their feelings and tools they can use to calm big or overwhelming feelings. If you would like more information about this please check out the following link:

Mrs. Wood

We were afforded the opportunity to work with our school math specialist Mrs. Wood this week. Mrs. Wood read us a silly book called Wumbers which is all about words that contain numbers. It was so gr8.....see what I did there! After our discussions and reading, students created pictures out of numbers and WOW I must say we have a creative bunch here!

Break Spot

This week we were introduced to a new area of our room. Our break spot is a safe place where children may go to calm their bodies and refocus if they are feeling like they are unable to join the group. "Taking a break" is not a punishment but rather an opportunity to understand feelings and recognize we all have moments where we may need a quick break.

Children were given the opportunity to try our break spot and see how it feels. Many children reported feeling calm, relaxed and recharged after taking a break.

Be sure to ask your child:

  • What is the break spot in your classroom?
  • What numbers can you find at home? 
  • What was it like to have indoor recess in the classroom? What choice did you make?

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